Dispatch Setup


Run docker-compose

# Move to your Ubyssey project dir
cd ~/ubyssey-dev
# Start docker containers
docker-compose up

Mac / Windows

Uninstall the production version of Dispatch (this was installed when you set up the ubyssey.ca repo)

pip3 uninstall dispatch

Clone the dispatch repo and install it in "develop" mode

git clone https://github.com/ubyssey/dispatch.git
cd dispatch
pip3 install -e .[dev]
python3 setup.py develop

From the ubyssey.ca repo, run the "migrate" command to bring your database schema up to date:

python3 manage.py migrate

Use yarn to run the Dispatch Webpack build:

# Front-end manager app
cd dispatch/dispatch/static/manager
# Install dependencies
yarn setup
# Run Webpack in watch mode
yarn start


# Link the tests to local files instead of package files
python3 setup.py develop
# Run tests
# make sure your current working directory is ubyssey-dev/dispatch
dispatch-admin test
# Generate coverage report
dispatch-admin coverage