Our Technology

Our Technology

We use a variety of languages, tools and frameworks at The Ubyssey. We try our best to stay up to date with new and emerging software, as well as current trends and best-practices. Above all else, we strive to produce products that are stable, well-tested and easy to work with.

The Ubyssey does open source!

The Ubyssey is committed (no pun intended) to open source development, which means all of our code is available on GitHub and we always welcome pull requests. We made the decision to open our codebase to foster a stronger development community at our paper, and also to promote collaboration with other student papers in Canada and abroad.


We do all of our communication via Slack! To get the invite to #web-volunteers channel send an email with your full name to our web developers at Contact Us!

Our Projects

Check out our repositories on GitHub


Dispatch is our custom-built publishing platform that powers ubyssey.ca. It was created as a replacement for WordPress and was built with flexibility and ease-of-use in mind. Developed as an open-source project, Dispatch aims to provide a set of tools that make it easier for journalists to produce high-quality digital content. We've been using it in production for many years.

Tech stack: Python (Django), JavaScript (React/redux), HTML/CSS

Repository: https://github.com/ubyssey/dispatch

Official Python package:https://pypi.python.org/pypi/dispatch

Ubyssey Dispatch theme

We use a separate repository to store the custom code that powers our website. This repo includes all of the frontend and backend code for The Ubyssey's main theme (what you see when you visit ubyssey.ca).

Tech stack: Python (Dispatch/Django), JavaScript (React), HTML/CSS

Repository: https://github.com/ubyssey/ubyssey.ca

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